Comedy Corner

Create the comedy corner plus page with their advantages and disadvantages even if the comedy corner welcomed more than 300,000 visitors on his side, there is still a lot of people who do not know the Web page at all. The comedy corner presents jokes, amusing sayings, interesting quotes and a lot more, best to his readers to entertain. Here, the operators of the comedy corner put great value to find only a small, but really this good, selection of variants on the individual topics. The best ten variants are presented in a top 10. The readers of the comedy corner can still even then the both the order of the top 10 to change than to propose other variations to the operators of the comedy corner.

The final decision, the top 10 looks like is still in the hand of the operator a really objective assessment is generally not possible, of course, because the tastes of the people are just different. Of course, the comedy corner tried to call attention again new people. To further increase the range of the page was a comedy corner page on Google plus / + comedy-cornerDe created. Corporate pages that long with Facebook, there are now also in the competition popularity portal by Google. The comedy corner presented here always the joke of the week, the cartoon of the month, the completion of a top 10 to a new theme and other news.

Compared to Facebook, the handling on Google plus anything is clearer and easier to understand. New texts, images or videos are quickly uploaded and also the layout on the page are the operators of Google plus extremely well managed. Somewhat more problematic but this is public make a specific Google plus page. Already making known the page for your own friends is somewhat confusing, a direct invite on Facebook is only possible at a second glance. Through the various circles only follow friends, family or known – is the whole thing still slightly confusing. But the really major drawback has the Google plus in comparison to Facebook, is that the portal in Germany, despite several 100 million users worldwide, is still much less represented. And this significantly worse networking is still a factor of who speaks at the first additional corporate page for Facebook. Many of the readers of the comedy corner, can not the comedy corner Google plus access, located on the side, to take advantage of because they have no own profile there yet at all. But also the visitors who then really join the comedy corner Google plus page, or visitors that generally the equivalent of the Facebook likes plus share content of the comedy corner on Google have only a fraction of known”in contrast to the Facebook friends that most already have. In this respect, the range is also considerably lower and the growth of many new readers much more difficult. In how far Google plus in addition to Facebook can establish itself remains to be seen. On this lucrative market the power dispute of these two giants should drive but both to absolute excellence in the development of their site.



March 25th