Concluding Exercise

Unless you are able to be one hour followed without stopping making abdominal. Really nobody is able the accumulated lactic acid would not allow it (that sensation of quemazn that ends up appearing after a few repetitions). If in addition we resorted to the absurd thing, we put like example a person with overweight and a waist of 120 centimeters (we go away to an end). She dedicates herself during a month to do thousand abdominal daily ones. Nothing else.

Neither cardiovascular, nor muscular exercise of any other muscle, nor dietetic good behavior. You think that after a month it will have a wasp waist? Logically the rest of the body will not have thinned anything, since it will not have trained it. I believe that the unique thing that she will have obtained is a good backache Concluding. The located thinning does not exist. Yes that exists the proportionate thinning (as far as distribution) and progressive (as far as time).

The base: global exercise and good feeding. To exercise abdominal muscles or of the legs is necessary, but not more than the rest of the musculatura. Therefore with working them a pair of days to the week it is than sufficient more. Concerning health you will be covered, and at aesthetic level simply it will provide a smoother aspect to you of the worked zone. , By the way most important. No bases your objectives in the aesthetic one. We know that it is there, and nowadays cannot deny that it is important to have a healthful aspect. But fjate more in your health. Facing the forms, each has hers. It accepts yours. It thinks that, since we have already seen, if you are wide of pelvis you have all the numbers so that most of reserves are going to stop there. It tries not to accumulate that reserve, and is conceited of your curves. And please, you do not resort to the surgery. trains your conflicting zones only a pair of days to the week. It takes care of your feeding. And quirete as you are.



July 3rd