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Social infrastructure Social infrastructure should be a priority not only within the framework of the General Plan until 2025, but already today. Social infrastructure – parks, kindergartens, sports facilities, beaches and other public spaces – is not only a business card of the city, it is the most visible indicator of its development, wellbeing and attitudes of local authorities to the people of the city, and respectively, and potential investors. Now do you think we are talking about the obvious and understandable things, but if you look at this issue through the prism of "Investment attractiveness of Kiev." Proper state of social infrastructure of the city – it's like packaging that sells product and advertising, which speaks for itself. Let's look at the parks or stadiums, not even in European capitals such as London, Paris, Prague or Warsaw, and in small European towns. That the objects of social infrastructure and create an atmosphere of individuality, status, and the desire of people to live there, and investors to invest. If we consider the Master Plan as one of the tools of the program "Kiev make investment attractive" automatically raises a number of issues to be lobbied Kiev at the legislative level, while recognizing the cyclical nature of the market, changes in demographic factors, level and style of living.

The master plan should be a "road map" of the city and one of the marketing documents investment in Kiev. Help DEOL Partners – a of the leading real estate development and investment companies in the Ukrainian real estate market. The main activity is the development of commercial real estate, investment management, management of commercial real estate market analysis. DEOL Partners is a management company of several investment projects and funds for the Ukrainian market, and carry out development of commercial real estate on their own and in partnership with leading companies. Among our projects: a network of serviced apartments Senator Apartments, multifunctional Kiev Airport City, shopping and entertainment center Mall of Ukraine, business center "Leonardo" and others.

Eurocodes, Eurocodes (European standards for the design of buildings and structures). In most countries, the design of buildings and structures is usually based on the recommendations of the Code that is based on learning experience. European Union, seeking to eliminate technical barriers to trade, developed a European Code of Practice (Eurocodes) in the design and construction of buildings and structures, published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Eurocodes are recognized by States Parties EEC and serve as: the basis for a harmonized technical specifications for construction products; a means of demonstrating conformity of civil and industrial construction requirements of the legislation and other regulatory requirements; a basis for contracts for execution of construction works and related works on engineering maintenance. Eurocodes program includes ten parts, covering the basics of structural design, impact (stress), geotechnics, seismic and basic Construction Materials: EN 1990 basics of structural design EN 1991 loads on building structures EN 1992 Design of concrete building structures EN 1993 Design of steel structures EN 1994 Design concrete structures EN 1995 Design of timber structures EN 1996 Design of masonry structures of brick and EN 1997 EN 1998 Geotechnical design designing earthquake-resistant structures EN 1999 Design aluminum structures.



July 25th


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