Remove the cable sheath from the cable to the second ring cut. Remove conductive paper, belt insulation and Cordelia. Cable conductor gently to dissolve, not contaminating the surface. Fasten the insulation on the ends of the coils of 2.1 live tape of PVC. If the surface is clean living, rastsvetochnye tape insulation is not removed. 3. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Farrelly for a more varied view.

Put the wire cables heat shrink tube number 3 for insulation, so that the end tube reached the stage of the waist of the cable insulation, and sit, from the root cutting uniform heating of the gas burner flame. The flame should be washed out, yellowish in color. After shrinkage of the tube should be tightly encircle the cable core and have no wrinkles and folds. 4. Cable core with lined tubes number 3 and slowly bend smoothly on the pattern.

In the absence of template strands can be bent manually (via thumb) without sharp bends and damaging the insulation. Remove protective band shell, remove the burrs, the mandrel end face of the shell to give shape funnel. Remove metal shavings. At a distance of 5 mm from the edge of the shell with linen thread to put a bandage on semiconducting paper and remove it from the edge of the bandage. 5. Insert the cutting in the radicular part of the tapered spacer. At low temperature heat cone. Dent cone so that the material was made between live and filled the gaps between them. 6. Cable jacket to heat the flame of a gas burner up to t = 600 C, to bring together strands of cable and put on a glove so that every living got in the hole corresponding to 'finger'. Veins are bred and seated with the glove at first finger-glove on the veins, then the shell. cable (ukazanana sequence diagram). Shrinkage gloves need to monitor melting of the adhesive layer.



November 10th


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