Cuina Cay

Cassiopeia – myth meets now time! Cassiopeia”(release 21.06.2013) is the current, second single by Anisha Cay. “” As the first title in the morning “(released on the 08.04.2013) she is Christine an advance single from the album Cuina ar”, that appears in the spring of 2014. Cassiopeia”, this is music which combines pop, folk, electronic, world music, and much more. It is a song that is striking in the music scene today. It is accepted by Anisha Cay and Arthur Sebastian also, that the very Grenre-oriented radio station hard pressed something when classifying the style. The crystal-clear voice of Anisha Cay and the music of the composer Arthur Sebastian create a unique atmosphere. “An editor previously headlined about Anisha Cay:? ine voice that opens a door to heaven!” Let’s kidnap worlds Anisha Cay. With the in the spring 2014-forthcoming album Cuina andir ar”(life and hope) the two now published singles get musically diverse Society.

No song is different, but all of them pursue a theme of life and hope”. It can be found mysticism, present and future United’s by Anisha Cay voice and Arthur Sebastian’s emotional and sensitively crafted compositions on this album. More we not tell but at this point. Let be surprised. “May be just something to Anisha Cay added’s history: that Anisha Cay standing ovations” gets when she sings the national anthem before 10,000 people, is a clear no later then when you hear their voice. She is able to conjure up a million audience goosebumps, she has already at a young age with her interpretation of the title memories”from the musical CATS demonstrated. Also she impressed with their music with various albums (introducing myself”, learning to fly” and Can you hear me”) and appearances.

“Anisha Cay, it is important to carry a clear message to the world with their music: let our children receive still worth living our Earth us” and so engaged they are with Fellow musicians we Piet petrol (belief there Angels?) for initiatives for the protection of mother earth and others. Their songs and previous albums in good CD sale at, in the MusicArtEmotions-Amazon Partnershop and on over 350 download portals are available worldwide.



October 31st


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