Deepak Chopra

At the same time achieving hinder our mental peace and creative processes. Well known is the phrase: nature hates two things: Leisure and vacuum, if it does not occupy your mind in something creative and productive, this must be filled out automatically, with that which it is contrary. Contact information is here: Tony Parker. Therefore, our concern antidote is kept busy in the realization of something constructive. does not provide in this regard, that if we escarbamos beneath the surface, we will discover that worry is a very common way of making us believe that we have control over the circumstances of life. When a person is concerned, it tries to anticipate everything that can happen or go wrong; in his mind, in this way, he comes to believe that it has, at least, a bit of control over their future. Of course, this is a completely false idea. Worry leads us to feel that we are doing something to address the problem when in reality we are just waving us mentally., and if that don’t know it handle the consequences can be negative.

The key to living in peace lies in deal, not to worry. Although it may seem a matter of semantics, the difference between these two terms is essential. When we worry about an event that we imagine can happen, but which has not yet passed, we are literally suffering for something about which we cannot act at that time. In our imagination, we live a misfortune that has not happened, and that perhaps never will happen. As the great American writer Mark Twain said: 90 per cent of disasters for which I suffered so much, never occurred. However, this purely mental exercise, has real consequences. According to psychologists and spiritual masters from Wayne Dyer to Deepak Chopra, our brain does not have the ability to differentiate between a real event, and one that we imagine.



November 25th