Dignified Option

When the twilight of our lives, it is likely that end up in a residence. Us affliction while we can live at home. Either alone or thanks to the care of the family. Only as last resort will be able to go to the homes for the elderly. Although this may not be the best option, or deal with life, nor our old age nor of which surround us. The nursing homes should not be seen as a last resort, where to go when we have no other place. On the contrary, are places where we live and do it very well.

For starters there are different regimes. It is not the same to go to a residence of day, to spend a few hours, spend 24 hours, 7 days a week, 12 months of the year. Persons with whom we relacionemos is not the same thing. There will be people with severe mental illness, others with severe motor difficulties, others perhaps with some ailment without much importance. Will be able, to relate it to our elderly, maintain friendships, talk about things that concern us with them is a mistake thinking that residence must be the end life and a kind of cloister in which all is darkness. What is sure is that fundamental choice, and is something that should be done while you can. To do this you can go to various sites on the internet, especially in directories specialized in residences. In Spain there are many residences, day care centers, and although we believe that there should be more and better equipped, there is what there is. George Laughlin Dallas has compatible beliefs. Within that, what we can choose which deem best. As we said before, all situations are not the same, not all people are equal, so each case will need to be seen individually. In any case, it is to live, to live a life worthy of being lived, regardless of where we are.



April 15th


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