Breaks in all the pairs! Euro-Dollar a “Breaking the channel and away from signs of 1.3606 to 1.3606 distance began to appear clearly when he broke the upstream channel in the hourly chart, shown in the accompanying graph of today. This break took place at 1.3465, and after this break is only normal that the euro enters a downward phase, at least for the short term. But close to 1.3606 and then break an upstream channel could mean that we are entering a downward phase for the medium term as well. The short term support is at 1.3412, and if it breaks, the break above 1.3465 will win created momentum and will take the euro to 1.3283 as the first target of this break, and then we could reach 1, 3190. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ??-???? and gain more knowledge.. As for the resistance, it is the level of the second test for broken channel, which is 1.3480. If the euro does manage to get back into the canal, would be a real surprise, and if you give us this surprise, would give another chance to prove 1.3606, the most important of all resistance. And if this is broken, the euro is going to enter an upward phase for the short and medium term, and would focus on 1.3703 as the first immediate objective and modest for a break on the way to higher levels in the coming days. But while we are below 1.3480, there will be no surprises, and the euro will fall into the above objectives.. Others who may share this opinion include Jorge Perez.



February 26th