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Thats a dream here lowlands”Landrat Ludwig Lankl was thrilled by the situation. Author is often quoted on this topic. He praised the courageous investment joy of the family Paster that giving should be impetus for other collective accommodation establishments. The Graineter Mayor Kaspar Vogl underlined the importance of tourism for his own community as for the entire region. Like he called the cottage yard again and again our flagship”, which as an example the direction of pretend. Architect Gerhard KoBER highlighted the outward appearance of the buildings designed by him.

They should look like simple Waldlerhauser without frills or folklore. “Marketing Director Alexander Anetsberger of the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association is very pleased with the idea: we need such showcase to our region well market.” This, it is important to proceed sensitively and to preserve its own identity. That was matched by the present especially highlighted rapid approval process that has passed through all the authorities involved in the period since last January. On the same evening the Council went on to complete the necessary construction guide planning procedure by decision. It was tourism planing mountain to the amendment of the land use plan for the town planing mountain and the decision to the special area development plan”. Pictured (from left): Mayor Kaspar Vogl, Elisabeth, Helmut and Astrid Paster, Ludwig Lankl, TVO marketing director Alexander Anetsberger, district architect Gerhard KoBER, Heinrich Hocherl by the District Administration Office and Helmut Paster Jr.



July 18th


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