Diverse Island Of Sicily

The wine paradise in the Mediterranean especially lovers of good wine is located on the travel portal reisen.de a real insider’s Tip: the Italian island of Sicily has some fine wines and offers something for the eye due to the numerous wine-growing areas. To travel to Sicily is worth especially in the spring. The flowering of the Italian island with almond trees and Golden Chamomile landscape enchants visitors. More info: Ted Lasso. Also the new wine is now sold, which provided some place even with a fashion label. So the Vintners of Paolo Panerai offers his wines in special bottles on his estate “Feudi del Pisciotto”. Well-known fashion labels adorn the label: the Nero d’ Avola shows the head of Medusa von Versace while dazzle the colorful mosaics of the famous fashion designer Ottavio Missoni on the Cabernet Sauvignon.

The winery Azienda Agricola, which is located near the Valley of the temples, connects in turn culinary delights with history and art. One of the world’s oldest Greek temple sites located close to the estate. With regard to the mystical surroundings, visitors can sample the excellent wines and enjoy local products such as goat cheese, swordfish or subtle acacia honey. Italy wine guru Attilio Scienza swears on the individual floors of Sicily, all of which produce a characteristic wine. Currently the famous Chardonnay vines are crossed on some vineyards with the ancient ursizilianischen Inzolia grapes, to connect to modern and old. Further information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH



November 2nd


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