Dog Training – The First Steps .

Any owners think about training your pet. After all, feed and provide shelter and not enough need and teach them the correct behavior, and sometimes protect property. This is especially true of dogs. They remain the main security guards for your peace of mind. To be true train a dog to make it listen to you. Dog training begins with , the dog is still not able to even stand up for themselves, not to mention already on your home. It provides an opportunity to teach your four-legged friend, the most necessary commands that the dog will implicitly execute.

Many variants dog training: training for the protection and self-defense training in the playing style, designed to guard duty, as well as training of puppies, the overall rate of training. Quite frequently encountered style of training and education advocates general course. Training is to give your pet the key skills that are most needed in everyday life. Basic commands are "place", "down", "fu", "me", "sit", "close", "stand", "aport and other teams with the appropriate gestures. In training dogs in addition to included habituation to the muzzle, not responding to gunshots and other external stimuli.

Convenient to begin to train with the four age. During the receipt of the certificate of passing on the lessons of training and education, dogs tested for the ability to apply lessons learned and the quality of their performance. Any standard is satisfied by one, and the execution each allocated a pre-allotted number of seconds. In view of the difficulties judges rkf elements can give different amounts of time. Execution time should begin immediately after the filing of your favorite team. For any dogs according to the breed of such standards have the opportunity to change. Work done by one, the dog is not dependent on other lessons and do not use these factors. Now a little about the important skills that are given to your pet. When you give the command 'close', the dog must be permanently and safely located near you. During the walk will stop at which your dog must sit next to you. All of the commands you give away from dogs, such as stand, lie down, sit down. Execution of all commands require a precise and coherent implementation of all the action from your friend. Otherwise, such speech does not count. The team next to the votes cast and is accompanied gesture. One of the most important aspects is the fact that the team need to give your pet when he sees and hears the trainer. Otherwise, all efforts on training may be useless. In the process of training and Training your dog must learn your voice and visual commands. When all required actions, your efforts will not be wasted, in addition you get a good faithful pet.



January 2nd


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