Dominican Republic

Karaibskie core, located between South America and North America, for the modern traveler – a truly magical and exotic place that year after year calling in to your charming edge. Combined with a considerable number of large and medium Karaibskih islands and called colloquially "Caribbean". Some of these islands each year hosting a visit a surprisingly large number of tourists and, by and large, are the leaders of visits among other resorts and places that are popular with travelers in search of fresh experiences of our fellow countrymen. The most famous islands, which are most popular among tourists today are the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and Costa Rica. These islands were the center of world tourism is mainly due to an amazing nature and gorgeous natural environment.

Caribbean coast here has a tropical climate, for which characterized by warm winds and a few wet climate. Interesting to note that the climate in these islands does not change throughout the year. That is why vacation in Jamaica, vacation in the Dominican Republic and other Karaibskih Islands can give yourself or loved ones in any season and rainy autumn and frosty winter. Holidays in Costa Rica will give you the opportunity to visit numerous nature reserves, because of this island speak as one global reserve. Being in this truly beautiful country, you can see the beautiful waterfalls and volcanoes, visit the caves and capture the imagination of national parks. Going on holiday in Cuba, you Enter a world of fabulous treasures and ancient castles. This island will tell you its rich history, will open before you the doors of their temples which were built in colonial times, will share ancient legends and secrets.

In the daytime, Cuba immerses you into the calm atmosphere of drowsy – but at night the island is completely changed: the numerous discos and nightclubs are all charged with positive emotions and energy, create an atmosphere celebration and fun. I am glad also that on this island like most travelers from this country. In addition to the Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro, Cuba – this is Hemingway country. You can walk on the roof garden and visit the hotel, which this world-famous writer wrote his most powerful book, and to visit his house-museum and cafe-bar, which was named in his honor by grateful residents of this magical island. The island also has a name – the Emerald Isle. In Jamaica, you can enjoy views of the crystal clear waterfalls, walk through the green meadows and watch a lot of coral around her. As well, along with nature, Jamaica is famous for unique, rhythmic music, "reggae" and its distinctive culture "to grow." The most famous natural sites include the park ostriches in the cache, marine gardens, oyster banks and beaches of Montego Bay. And it is in Jamaica is the capital. In addition, during a holiday in Jamaica, you can dive (underwater hunting). This is truly exotica for the Russian people! Even if you've never dealt with this underwater sport in Jamaica, you have the opportunity to learn this.



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