Earl Nightingale

With all the advantages we get by setting smart goals and write them down, And why 95% of the population does not? The answer is because most people do not know the importance of setting goals, and those who do not know, are arrested for their locks. Here are some of these blockades … 1 .- Do not accept and take personal responsibility for their own lives: The first step in any personal success is to take 100% responsibility for his life. While continuing to live as a victim, will not seriously at the time of writing their goals. The person who fails in his life always finds excuses, reasoning that since some events are beyond their control – like weather, the loss of loved ones, etc … – All things must be outside their control, thus Press to the trouble of attempting to control? Such people will always find someone to blame for their lack of success. These people do not realize that although you can not control the temperature, it can control the type of clothing that you use.

It is often confused with religious beliefs and think that everything is predestined. They ignore that even where a law of predestination, there is also an act of free will. 2 .- The tendency to get carried away by dreams of a life of ease and effortless: In all the social sectors is the illusion of living without work, without striving to succeed, to enjoy without worry. The attraction of this illusion is so powerful that it has been the main cause of success of films like "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction." So strong is the desire for this ilusionque, sometimes not even unspeakable tragedies and pains get to make people aware of how damaging that can be these expectations. Earl Nightingale, one of the fathers of self-help industry, thinker and philosopher whose teachings have inspired hundreds of thousands of motivators, and who became the first billionaire in the United States, was the author of the famous audio "The secret stranger.

" Earl explains that the reason he called his best-selling book – which has been translated into dozens of languages and sold around the world – "The strangest secret" is the irony that we all become what we think. This has been explained in all religious scriptures of the world, so it's no secret. Still, it's so strange that not everyone know … To illustrate the point that prevents the vast majority of people write their goals, I leave you with a thought of Ear Nightingale "will receive not what we idly wish, but what exactly win. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our services .



July 23rd