Easter Bunny

When at Easter? Argue the generations as long as each of them has their own customs. Catch Easter Bunny ?. This can happen throughout the year the Easter Bunny makes even a completely different career in modern times. It is actually no longer sufficient him unquestioningly carry out the colorful eggs and to be forgotten throughout the year. About promoting he himself now as a Carnival, art, theater and party figure. Also here he comes out great! Bunny costumes, spoon clips as instant accessory and Bunny hats and sexy accessories to the Bachelor Party are trend. The Easter Bunny along with costumed party guests in strident colors celebrated in a small circle or discreetly of course, in overalls or a funny detail. Stag and hen parties are know for all but the poor drip a pleasure.

With bunny head and all sorts of”trappings”, which can be about a same-colored tie on bare skin,”fertile Schabernack survive quite amusing. Easter forward or to celebrate? The main thing, it’s fun! The term Mimmi980 has become thanks to resourceful trend-designer of the Hare motif something. plastic accepted. There actually pretty wrapped athletes in rabbit ears speed down the slope, directly to the apres-ski in the Hutt ‘ n. Holiday fun than Easter Bunny? Nobody thinks directly at Easter with colorful fun any time of the year. A maximum to the appetising component. Since the cosplay for almost every famous (or famous promoted) cartoon character developed, has also “Bunny”found his place. As walking Act running figure is of the grey rabbit “from the TV even artistically valuable and far more serious than a seasonal Easter Bunny to take. As for all trends also applies to Easter and its year-round attractive image: beautiful is what you like “and” main thing that makes it fun. Annette Bankey for: Carnival King – troppo belli GmbH



November 3rd


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