Education Developing

In this way, we believe that the cycling can and must be worked in the school, therefore the professor collating the knowledge that received in its formation and its creativity, can create and carry through methodologies so that the teaching of the cycling occurs in way adjusted for the school. As the cycling possesss different utilities, as competition, way of transport and leisure, then this sport possesss many contents that can generate innumerable quarrels and problematizaes. Working the cycling based on the critical-emancipatria conception, it is important to stand out that the education of this sport cannot park only in the objective question, that is, in the practical one, therefore cycling is not only to walk of bicycle and to know the techniques of each test of the cycling, is of extreme importance to together work the social matter of the cycling, contextualizando with the pupils, the diverse utilities of a bicycle, providing debates on the subject, searching to know first of the pupils what they understand for cycling, and thus to be developing methodologies that will go to be working the diverse utilities of the cycling. As well as also being developing the critical and reflective side of the pupil, searching the interaction of the pupils by means of the cycling, making with that these pupils reflect critically on the cycling in our society, where it is used, as he is used. thus to search a clarification on as the cycling would have to be used, that changes in the society if could reach with the practical one of the cycling. thus, by means of the content ' ' ciclismo' ' it is possible to be developing the objective side, with practical lessons and activities that develop the question of making. It can still be developing the social side by means of the cycling, with reflection on the practical one of the cycling as physical activity, as a form of competition, rights and duties in the transit, way of transport that aims at the sustainable life, leisure form that it provides diverse physiological and psychological benefits, among others innumerable reflections. .



September 21st