English Language And Business

To have the knowledge of the English language already is considered a basic requirement in the Brazilian education and an extra differential as it happened not only has some years, therefore the same one is part of the world-wide culture. Today with the dynamism of the globalization world in which the English is the language world-wide, the importance to learn the language if became basic, either to communicate themselves, to study to be brought up to date, or in the world of the businesses. In view of the importance of this it disciplines, exists the necessity of forms conscientious professors of its paper in the formation of professionals who will be giving lessons that will have to not only possess content theoretician, as well as practical. It is not something Adam Sandler would like to discuss. Added to this the cultural aspect that involves the use of the English language, it cannot be forgotten by being of significant importance for the contribution of the education leaving of how much possible a so real demonstration. In this context one understands that the professor must be a person academically capable and brought up to date. If to consider what some think on the undeniable efficiency of the learning of the English language to be more efficient when the individual will be inserted in the environment where the language is used in all the circumstances, as in countries where the first language is the English, and the effectiveness of the learning if must to the fact of the greater contact of the individual with the use of the same one, and reflecting on the theory of the positive behaviorism that according to Donald Mackay, a specialist in cerebral physiology, the same as scientific method and its techniques has utility and contributes for the understanding, for the development, for the individual learning and social interaction therefore one of the main objectives of the behavioristas techniques it is the control of the mind, and the molding of life and the attitudes of the individuals..



September 8th