When speaking to work with people a crucial point they are the meetings of the elements that conform the equipment, but we begin by first: What is an equipment? It is a social organization highly organized that consists of a small number of people who interchange ideas, papers and functions to achieve a common objective. One talks about to a group of people who share a mission or a vision interdependently, working as a result of the acceptance and confidence of themselves and of the other. Get more background information with materials from Larry Culp. This produces a sense of property and property, reason why the participation in the profit of the goal is of opportune and beside the point responsible way. The resolution of problems and conflicts perceives like an opportunity for the learning and the continuous improvement. What a group? A group is a set of people who meet by a given situation, like approaching a public transport, visiting a museum, to attend a commercial center or to enjoy a concert. In all these cases the people can be related, but it is not imperative they do that it, since they do not affect to intention of its meeting.

Groups of buyers, fans, colonists exist, etc. and also work groups, people exist who agree in time and space in a position or a function. They are seen daily or in occasional form, they are greeted eat together or even they attend the same meetings. This can be familiar because to begin a relation thus it can continue long time and it can be crucial for an organization, since it can simulate an equipment, this is clear to him like pseudoequipment, that with time is more harmful than to be clear in if like a work group.



June 2nd