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Also today still can when buying an imported vehicle save some. Whom the German new car price is too high and the offered used cars spread uncertainty, which may apply as a third variant on a EU importer. An EU can be several thousand dollars cheaper on foreign car. As the re-import business has become big, the customer on some models had to make smears in the facilities. Some extras were not intended for the importing country, standard equipment were not series in the foreign and security features found no attention in the country. Now, it is so only in exceptional cases. The advantage of buying an EU new car is not only attractive price, but also the hassle-free process. Many new cars are provided free to the buyer on the doorstep.

This service costs a fortune at many retailers. Generally, the vehicles are equipped with a complete package of accessories for safety-relevant parts. There most of the Europe is included duty become vest, First-aid kit and warning triangle. Unfortunately, this package always still not widely belongs to the standard equipment. Purchase the customer is made as easy as possible, be all vehicles fitted by the importer with a German vehicle letter and all documents required for the registration, such as for example a study of exhaust gas, provided. Thus the customer need not fret with foreign articles around.

Another advantage of EU imports, is a comprehensive insurance package on the importer to complete the possibility. The local manufacturers offer this mostly just overpriced in combination with a lease. The financing of an EU new car can be done via a partner bank of the importer. The importer used cars new cars means really, day registrations are shown separately or not offered. Those who are seriously interested in a new vehicle can be confidently to a large importer, but also comparisons should be made with German traders. May be through skillful action day approved the award of an EU new car can be reached.



November 18th


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