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Republic of Bulgaria is part of the visa waiver for countries around the world. Every tourist should be informed in advance, since some types of visas require longer terms of processing and issuing. Citizens of Bulgaria visit visa-free countries of the European Union and most other European countries, as well as some countries in Asia, Africa and America, with which Bulgaria has maintained close friendly cultural and economic ties. (Source: Sela Ward). All published below information frequently changes in the timing, price, and the visa regime for specific countries, which is why visitors to our country should check the status of their country's contacts with Bulgaria. The entry of foreigners in Bulgaria. Alien may enter the Republic of Bulgaria, if it has a requirement for entry abroad, as well as an entry visa, visa stay or transit visa (if necessary). Visas are: – transit visa – visa short stay – stay visa groups – a visa for a longer period of stay. Length of stay in the country (with visa) can not exceed 90 days.

Visas are issued by diplomatic and consular missions Republic of Bulgaria, and a visa for a longer period of stay shall be issued after consultation with the services for administrative control. From 1st January 2002 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria began issuing new Bulgarian visas in the form of stickers, which have a picture (for the first time in Europe). Transit visa transit visa to the foreigner who enters the Republic of Bulgaria through a certain checkpoint, at less than 24 hours must leave the country through a checkpoint in another state. For a transit visa the alien must have a visa for the country, which is the ultimate goal of the trip. When the trip is not by plane or not in the direction of the state, which is the ultimate purpose of the trip, the foreigner does not need a visa – the alien must have a visa for the first state (where a visa is required).



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