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For the first time there is a sectarian cross-Internet portal of sacred music in the greater Hannover from November 2008 there for the greater Hannover and the entire region and surrounding area for the first time an Internet portal for events in the area of church music. Under the following Internet address: every music lovers will find all events in the field of church music, which presents itself as a very versatile. Sacred music is more than church music is music in churches. Excellent musical performances held in churches that go far beyond the purely classical proportion. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. The range of the organ concert of Bach cantatas and song evening, by the jazz worship about exclusive individual concerts from all sectors to alternative initiatives and commitment. Therefore it is first-class musicians a huge range with part. Unfortunately, these public events were far too little presented and perceived only occasionally. The new information platform has himself made, complete and religious cross-offering over 100 churches of the region extensively and informative to announce.

The music lovers is the regularly updated pages except the pure event notes, photos of all venues wallpapers to the music, biographies of musicians and references to important information. The churches were individually photographed for this purpose, and short texts to describe additional information blocks are in preparation. The national website is funded by the Chamber of the monastery and is completely free of advertising, also no cost for the user. To the action, a large, colourful poster has emerged to promote the be known this unique portal. It shows the most beautiful bell towers in and around Hannover. Steeples have a long architectural history. Symbolically, they stand for the effort of the people of God to come close. Many church steeples are therefore over 100 meters high.

You have a unique cultural heritage of the Western Europe given. The new Internet platform stands in this tradition and want to build on it. Together with the Hanoverian creative agency, coco, and in cooperation with the Association of city church and the Lutheran Church therefore the Internet portal has been developed. Contact: Cocowerbung Roger Heimann (Managing Director) Frida 24 30161 Hannover Tel. 0511_33 65 220 fax 0511_33 65 229 ISDN 0511_33 65 228 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 471637 – fax: 0511 471638 mobile: 0177 5040064 email: web: keywords: Hannover, sacred music, sacred music in Hannover, Germany, church music, events at churches, event, event planners, cross-denominational, national



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