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Blue mean group a popular show group in Berlin, there are many reasons to travel to Berlin. Historic buildings and musical shows or just to go shopping and go out. Berlin can anyone what offer should any boring are. Berlin was the center of the cold war and the second world war, the many historic buildings still remember. Berlin but increasingly evolved into a modern rising city. The ideal time for a city trip to Berlin is the spring and the autumn in my opinion. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. In the winter it can be very cold and rough and very hot in the summer. In the autumn and in the spring it is much more pleasant to stroll through the city.

Musicals and shows in Berlin also musical trailer pulls it to the capital. Musical trips are relatively inexpensive compared to Hamburg to Berlin. Especially with the large selection of hotels, you will find actually getting good bargains. The currently best-known piece in Berlin is probably the musical “beyond the horizon” by Udo Lindenberg. Since mid-2013, including the Theatre will be companions in Berlin listed.

At this theater piece, horses are used by so-called puppet player scene. Puppets are figures made of wood, aluminium and be moved by people, which then very lifelike effect. In show area has much to offer currently also Berlin. Including popular “Blue Man Group” where self-made instruments extraordinary music is made with drums and other orchestras. Also very interesting, stars in concert at the Estrel is Hotel, where stars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Elvis will be duplicated. Visit you spoken to culture and history of Berlin after a Berlin Checkpoint Charlie or the “wall” often. I have to say but here offered the visitors to Berlin rather little, because you can see hardly anything from the wall. A few a few remains in the city are still to find you but rather are outside of the city centre. The Checkpoint Charlie is still somewhat in original condition, particularly the “hut” that became famous thanks to the image of the confrontation of American tanks with the Soviet tanks is similar to almost unchanged available. There is also a museum where you can learn more about the history. What should you have yet seen in Berlin: the Reichstag the Tower the Brandenburg Gate the Sony Center the World-Heritage Museum Island Berlin Gendarmenmarkt was now only a small selection of what you can see and experience in Berlin. In a long weekend you will not make it to see the main attractions. Since Berlin compared to other cities is not as extremely expensive, can Yes a second time or more travel to Berlin.



April 15th


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