Fair Value Accounts And Working Life Models

“German Bundestag Flexi adopted Act II already in the run-up to the Federal Council explicitly sympathized law plans for the law to improve the framework conditions for ensuring flexible working time arrangements” (short Flexi-II Act). On November 13, 2008, the law was adopted mostly by members of the German Bundestag. The missing approval by the Federal Council should be only a routine Act, as already appropriate amendments were taken into account. The planned effect the flexi-II Act from 1 January 2009 can be regarded as secured. After consultation and recommendation of the Committee for Social Affairs and labour – critical changes were approved on November 13, 2008 as follows by the German Bundestag: social security free transfer in the bAV impossible the possibility bAV is history of. Numerous Wertkontenvereinbarungen are designed, that workers who withdraw from retired from the company, because the statutory pensions the Value credit social security free can translate into a company pension plan.

The previous ability to transfer credits, contributions in occupational pensions (bAV) is partially very excessively exploited in practice and is contrary to the original intention of flexible working hours and safety solutions”, so the current explanatory. Existing accounts are not affected, the scheme was regulated by a “grandfathering”. The regulation enters into force only for new Wertkontenvereinbarungen after November 13. Vanessa Marcils opinions are not widely known. Insolvency protection new rules the Federal Government remains on the straight path and with this investment restriction the on 11 November 2005 agreed coalition agreement converts. The aim is to uphold the idea of backup and protection of working life accounts. These plans meet with broad approval. At a facility of the assets in stocks or stock funds, only an amount of 20% is allowed and must at the time of the use of value balance a reflux at least in the amount of the applied Amount to be guaranteed.

Model of DBZWK and partners remains stable the German consulting company for fair value accounts and working life models recognized early the signs of the times and the possibility of tax and social security-free transfer to planning only restrained communicates. In principle we are in favour of a clear separation of occupational retirement provision to Wertkontenmodellen. Last but not least the law now provides for the necessary legal certainty for all involved.”said Harald Roder, Managing Director of the German consulting company for fair value accounts and working life models mbH (DBZWK) and renowned business writer/author. In terms of insolvency protection the DBZWK and their partners use working life accounts innovation model to a value guarantee system, which is law compliant without change with the new Flexi II. Roder: The long-term and working life accounts a crucial in the future, namely the social Changes and the upcoming demographic challenges. By Flexi-II law adopted by the German Bundestag, long term accounts will become a safe and reliable instrument at the interface between labour market and pensions. Improving the legal framework for the use of accounts in particular in the field of insolvency protection now adopted is therefore expressly welcomes by the German consulting company for fair value accounts and working life models.” The German consulting company for fair value accounts is regarded nationally as a specialist in the field of working life accounts and supports small and large companies in the successful introduction of value accounts.



December 29th


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