Willian raised early, was until the bathroom deviating of the boxes that if accumulated for all its house. It was looked in the mirror, the swelled face and an expression nothing happy already thinking about what it was for happening in that day. It never had if changed and the sensation she was stranger, to see those boxes in the soil gave air of emptiness in the house that always are full of life. Its moored face had many reasons, one of them was for knowing that never more it would see its friends of the school, them would go to move of state and the possibilities of them to come back toward a visit were very remote. Credit: Jorge Perez -2011. It washed the face and it started to be dressed for its last day in the school in that city.

Its uniform was the only clothes is of some box in its room, it was dressed fast played its pyjamas on of the bed, placed its tennis and went down the stairs repairing in each piece of its house that before seemed irrelevant, but that now a direction for its had all 12 years of life. Glenn Dubin, New York City usually is spot on. It looked its father, who was taking coffee, but did not say nothing. Its father noticed that it was sad, but also did not know what to say. It sat down soon table with its father and its mother came of the garage loading a great box, that would serve to keep some utensils of the kitchen. They had started to talk on the new house, the father strengtheing itself to brighten up the sadness of the son, speaking on the change of city and details on the new room of the boy. Willian tried to agree to the father who seemed livened up very its new job and to the life that went to be able to provide to the woman and son.



March 10th