Fashion Hats

The hat, in addition to being an ally to the feminine touch and coquettish, has purpose of protection, depending on the design: can protect head, face and up to the neck of solar rays, cool breeze and particles in the air. <! s9ymdb:898 > how to select Hat? 1. Balance is the key element, because there are different sizes of hats like faces and silhouettes. Select which you want according to your dimensions, which you complements. To deepen your understanding Charlotte Hornets is the source. a woman’s small face and/or low in stature, should choose small hats or whose design is picked up because otherwise your face will be lost and concerning stature will make him see lower. b. a high woman can choose large hats; You should avoid small hat because the silhouette will not be in balance.

c. hips are also considered when selecting a hat. Remarkably broad hips suggest considering hats that visually swing silhouette. 2. The occasion is the next thing to consider, to choose between colors, materials, design and style. a formal and elegant occasions: practically Hat speaks for itself just for the occasion, the overall design is a reflection of good taste b. informal occasions: is the hat of neutral design that is selected (the beret, the Beanie or Bini and Fedora, hats adorned with plumas-cintas – turbans-flowers, etc.) c.

occasions of fun or entertainment (Beach, games, picnic): this selection is easierwhere you think the straw hat, caps of cloth, visors, caps, hat fisherman, cowboy, Sun, etc. 3. In the hat color is important in relation to the color of the hair and skin. The blonde woman’s clear complexion is recommended select contrast color as for example the Brown and blue marine, should avoid very light colors. The opposite would be for the brunette woman.



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