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Miley Cyrus was born the 23 from November of 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee. Its father, Billy Ray Cyrus, country was a singer reconverted actor. The true name of Miley Cyrus was Destiny Hope (destiny hope), that their parents put to him because they foretold that the destiny of the young one was the one to secure great successes. But like he was so riusuea, pusieroen the nickname to him of Smiley (smile). In a moment, the S disappeared of mote and it was begun to know like Miley.

As much it had left that mote that in 2008 Miley Cyrus changed its true name by the one of Miley Ray Cyrus (Ray in honor of its father). Miley Cyrus grew up in the farm of its parents, in Tenesse, although from very small it began to be interested in music, the dance and the interpretation. In an occasion he participated in a program of television in which his father acted and in 2003 Miley Cyrus participated with a small paper in his first film, in that interpreted an adolescent in films of Tim titled Burton ” Big Fish”. It hardly counted then 8 years of age. After some hearing in which Miley Cyrus did not get to emphasize, mainly by his short age, finally it participated in casting of Disney for a series of television of the Disney Channel that would call Hannah Mountain. The program of Hannah Mountain was released in March of the 2006 and has turned out to be an enormous success between the infantile and youthful public. Miley Cyrus also interprets the paper of a young call Miley, that has one double life. On the one hand she is a young person with a normal life and by another one one becomes a superstar of music (Hannah Mountain).

Miley Cyrus has offered several concerts as Hannah Mountain and has participated in innumerable promotions of Disney Channel. It has even recorded some album like Hannah Mountain. In September of 2008 Miley Cyrus it publishes his first album signed by she herself, with the title of ” Breakout”. One is a disc with 12 subjects, of which 8 have been cowritten by the own Miley Cyrus. Miley began to cultivate one more a more adult image in 2009 after the launching of its first EP, The Time of Our Lives, which presented/displayed a more commercial sound MGP, and by the running of the film of drama, The Last Song released in April of 2010.



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