Riesling wines are universally recognized as the best wines from the Northern fringes of viticulture. -Sauvignon Blanc important and popular white wine grape originating in France. Typical and easy-to-read smell and taste that canned asparagus and black currant is reminiscent of fresh grass clippings, leaves and gooseberry. Main growing areas are the upper and middle Loire. Here are pure, refreshing wines with a very strong taste. The second large distribution area is Bordeaux and its surroundings. Here is blended Sauvignon but mostly with Semillon and Muscadelle. Speaking candidly Tony Parker told us the story.

A child, but not unimportant matter, Sauvignon in the production of the world-famous noble sweet wines from Sauternes and Monbazillac. -Semillon important white wine grape from the Bordeaux region, where she is responsible for the great white wines of France together with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. The flavor reminiscent of honey and toast on grass, citrus, lanolin and matured wine. Semillon is susceptible to decay and therefore well suited for sweet wines with noble rot like the famous dessert wines from Sauternes and Monbazillac. -Silvaner still in the first half of the 20th century was Silvaner which had mostly mounted grape variety of in Germany, but then too left this place to the Muller-Thurgau.

Silvaner delivers straightforward, fruity and harmonious wines with strong acidity which should be drunk young. The characterful Silvaner wines come from Franconia, where the otherwise rather neutral wines expression-strong can express their terroir. -Trebbiano important white vine, whose growing spans all over Italy. In France as Ugni Blanc main vine for cognac and Armagnac. Wines made from Trebbiano are very different due to the origins, but typically weak to expression, light and tart. Red grapes:-Barbera important and usually mounted grape in North-Western Italy. Major part in Piedmont, followed by the Lombardy. The largest part of the harvest is to simple vino Tavola handling. Come from the exciting wines with a strong hint of Nebbiolo aromas at low yields and cask.



October 30th


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