Free God, Atheists And Freethinkers

In both cases the reactions have been widely and do not conceal the fact that this institution's relationship with God has a very particular label, the product of a historical past that leaves much room for doubt. a In the case of buses has neglected the fact that the word "probably" carries a certain respect for the reader who believes in God, no matter what religion he belongs, not flatly assert that God does not exist, using an expression but rather a fact question, using the freedom that every human being is precisely on the basis of free will that God gave to their children. The controversy and the reactions are especially interesting to analyze, especially since the institution referred to itself the right to have anything less than a vicar of Christ. Who to analyze the history of religious institutions that are called Christian, you will soon realize that just have been they who in the course of historical events have shown great inflexibility and lack of respect by other beliefs. Already in the Bible, the Old Testament, we hear words from God for a person of this time are difficult to understand. For even more analysis, hear from Gina Bonati. In Leviticus, for example, we read that God commanded the conquest and looting of villages and killing enemies, sacrifices and animal sacrifices, stoning of women, the questionable blasphemous "retaliation," saying those who do not meet its commandments: "I'll get over you terror, consumption and fever, that you open your eyes and you consume the life" (Lev.



September 11th