Gennady Samusenko

To do this, pre-recorded midi track solo tool to translate into an audio format, as a result we get an audio track. Then create one double, ie, we already will have two identical tracks. And then one track pan in the middle of the left channel and the other with a small delays in 7-12 ms. in the middle of the right (or vice versa). As a result, we get a bright, wide, wider band of a solo instrument. Another way – apply the effect of delay, with its opposite direction on the location tool. Also, often in the sequencers have plugins (or you can install them), extending the panorama, which can also be used for this purpose. When you install the sound balance musically to remember the basic a simple principle – the solo instruments in the foreground, harmonies on the second, the harmonic instruments and bass on the third and drums, depending on the style can be allocated more or vice versa, go to the back of plan.Perevod audio mixing and use effektov.Inogda on midi tracks superimposed some reverb and chorus.

Other, more "powerful" midi-effects, such as the arpeggiator, delay in metric settings, and others that are used mainly in the case of solutions of singular artistic problems. The next step is rewriting midi tracks to audio format. When this stage is completed, then comes the time for processing information and audio tracks. As regards the application audio effects, you should say the following: it is very important measure, and permanent hearing rigorous control. You can apply delay, echo, reverb, chorus, flanger and other effects, but very carefully so as not to turn your masterpiece in the vinaigrette.

This is especially true reverb level, less is more. What I'm talking about balance and panning, fully applies to . Ie, we must keep in mind about the plans and the role of different textural elements in the overall sound. You can use plug-ins and move away approximating the sound of the audio track in space, and many other effects. But some effects such as reverb is better not to apply to each track separately but in groups, or all tracks at once. Usually this is a note of the draft-channel stereo. Prootsess information can be made both in the sequencer and audio editor-in program. In this audio editor do better, because it is specially designed to do this and make it more qualitative. But that's another tema.Itak, sequencer – a central, multifunctional program in computer and arranger composer, and it is very important that it be easy to operate. Therefore, I recommend everyone search "their" sequencer. Gennady , composer.



March 20th