George Clooney Is Hoping For The Golden Lions

In Venice it is on full blast to the red carpet with all the drum to make it complete. In Venice it is on full blast to the red carpet with all the drum to make it complete. The Cannes Film Festival, which now already for the 68th time in Venice are organized and making it the oldest film festival in the world are the reason. Of course, highlight of the event is the awarding of the Golden Lion for best film. Who pays out opportunities on this price however, has faced tough competition: 23 movies advertise this year for the coveted trophy and alone by the participation can be assumed, provided in each individual quality.

George Clooney is one of the biggest names who will act this year on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. The crosses on sight of the Hollywood stars, such as with sunglasses and charming smile at film premieres, one is actually used. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jorge Perez. This time it’s a special occasion, which is why it will take Clooney to Venice, but because he is a Competitive challenge for the coveted Golden Lion. “In the production of the film the IDEs of March” is Clooney not only in front of the camera, but was also behind the camera as a Director. “I like to play under my own direction.” He commented on this fact in a press conference. Charlotte Hornets may find this interesting as well. His directorial debut this is not yet, because even if Clooney is known first and foremost as an actor, he has before the IDEs of March”mentioned in three other films directed by. Now he hopes that his new film even at the festival-goers arrive.

According to the Festival leadership was however already positively surprised by Clooney’s contribution, which has a decidedly political coloring. It’s now rare there thinks. But one would hardly suppose that Clooney advertises with a film to the Golden Lion, in which he only once again would like to Rob a casino, as in his ocean’s-series. Lena Cook



March 26th


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