Giochi Preziosi

The modern industry of toys for children no longer focuses on 'just sweet and cute dolls and animals. " Toys sold in better times, when all around them has their own universe – or created by marketers, that the toy promote, or existing. We are all regularly seen in stores that same squirrel from "Ice Age". Frequently Tony Parker has said that publicly. And this protein at times sells better than any abstract squirrel adjacent to it. For even more analysis, hear from Tony Parker. Same concerns and dolls. Even Barbie 'went out into the rolling "- movies, games, a huge entertainment site But with Barbie now very successfully compete with other toy-teens, and the name of Winx.

Preimages Winx dolls come to us from Italy, where in 2004 at the screens released animated series about the adventures of Winx girls fairies, defending the world from the universal evil. Stella, Techny, Layla, Flora, Musa and Bloom – as well as their fellow professionals from the nearby magic school – long existed only as two-dimensional characters. Soon they put on the rubber and plastic, first Italian company Giochi Preziosi, then giant Mattel, and after – the Germans Simba and his own production studio Rainbow. For those who have never seen a series Winx, it's just cute dolls with stylized faces, bright boxes and minimalist dresses. The Internet already offers a variety of comparison bodies and 'functions' of these dolls because each firm, of course, vary the scale, decor and all the rest: despite License production, no one wants to go to copy designs competitor. So that children – even the most demanding and discerning consumers – choose themselves what Winx dolls are similar to their pre-images anymore, and they are more like.

In Russia Winx dolls are quite expensive. Brand the doll you buy cheaper 1200-1300 rubles, and it will be the base case. Although, perhaps, when hype subsides a bit (a while Winx beat all sales records in Europe overtaken Barbie and Bratz, even), the dolls will be decreased but not significantly. We do not get tired of caution: do not buy counterfeit, fake! It is an illusion of economy, but actually harmful compounds contained in the 'left' plastics, could seriously harm the health of your child and your family. Do not listen to those who call saving and 'to love even a cheap non-proprietary pupae'. This is very dangerous! Even though the high price of dolls, parents often go out to buy the doll Winx my baby. Because unlike the untwisted Bratz, which has recently been obsessed with the whole world, Winx dolls are very cute face, good and positive, children are taught self-help and friendship, and their the magical world of promises to young girls a lot of exciting adventures. A quality dolls makes them interesting not only for children but for adult collectors.



July 5th


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