Girl Always

It was the girl of my dreams had the eyes honey color and walked with risonhos looks. When I looked in its eyes, I felt that he had a connection, no matter how hard I did not want the ambition I emanated of my heart. It walked slowly with eloquent movements and persuasivos made that me to be delirious, she will be that she is for this girl that I will go to get passionate itself? Its feet pointed in my direction, its lips seemed to say that something had in its heart. Its hair was moved with the wind on its delicate shoulders, when it walked seemed to float and as magical to its they had captivated me eyes, it came close and my beatings if they had sped up The girl did not stop to make the scene as the emotion was great full e! Its harmonious voice was as music, but a stranger always has personality doubtful! The people had always said I to me to think well about what I make, but I looked at the girl as if it was celestial, could not notice its angelical look, its candy smells of made me to flower to always want to be to its side, but I must take care!.



January 28th