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Compare for instance the latest model vehicle. When you enter will be placed if desired to the right of the screen, where you’ll find plenty of brands results of trying to capture their attention and sell new and used models. You can find other results besides trying to sell through its website all models, also sell products that have nothing to do with what we want. But in reality this gentleman to click multiple times to satisfy their curiosity through here and there and as one who has “been viewing window “will return to their duties, having consumed a considerable balance on account of these advertisers. The real translation of this case history is that the owner of one of those dealers has seen the car sales have dropped alarmingly in the last three months, has designed a number of “clicks consumption amounting to 7,500 and has not sold a single one in the one week that has allowed him to be the budget between the SEM results.” Industrial sites, assembled a dealer car, and soon, sets all makes and models, new and second hand. When a client visit (click), we thought “Let’s see if we are lucky and this customer is not going to the dealer ( result) next door, who also likes that brand. Also hey, look, if not buy a new or used or even go travel or buy an apartment. Total costs me nothing look.

“The point is that Websites must meet all requirements to appear among the natural results or organic and power forward positions on the left side of the search engines (SEO). Are the rules of the game the search engines. But the reality is that the search engines SEM complying with these principles by applying random selection criteria and obscure what is causing much confusion among advertisers as we are of all types of businesses from these results. However, can penalize our website making it down to places not reachable from other thousands of pages if it complies with all requirements. SEO techniques that we apply from Go Media, you can gain the positioning battle for our customers without the big budget item that must be invested in the toll of clicks. The beginning of this strategy to improve positions beginning with a proper development of our website. There is no point that we have discharged our website if your configuration does not have the parameters necessary to maintain edge Internet and avoid being relegated to positions undetected.

The process that we follow will achieve results from the first six months of follow up, enabling us to be steadily between the first 10 references. Indexing, analysis of algorithms of search engines, analysis of competition code, definition of statistical criteria for the keywords location, or even study of the international projection of our website, are some of the mechanisms we have to refine in this setup. From that moment our website is ready to move in an agile way for this gigantic galaxy of the red-Inhabited today by more than 4 billion pages without having to rely on greedy eaters clicks.



July 3rd