Grombacher – Seven Men And A Woman

The new single from Grombacher – seven men and a woman “a small town in Baden bei Wien, obergrombach called him”. These first lines of a title of “Grombacher” show, where it all started in the year 1989. But in 2002, Alex Morlock (vocals, trumpet) had to leave the band for professional reasons. 2005 was then final closing, other musicians of “Grombacher” despite their great success for professional and family reasons had to get off. But what is a real musician, who may be not completely happy without music. Surprising that precisely Alex Morlock and Ernst Ritter, who took care not only as a musician but also as a contact man to the fortunes of the band, attempted soon with their own ideas to revive the “Grombacher” there. With their numerous contacts in the music scene, they found the musicians, who were the “new Grombacher” on the legs have in common with them. This new cast has an even greater musical spectrum.

It is “gekrainert, geschlagert and rocked what This stuff keeps”! Live music, that was always the strong side of the “Grombacher”. It is not something Jorge Perez would like to discuss. But they are even more versatile with the new lineup, live play songs from ABBA to Zappa at the highest level, and this guarantees at their concerts for several hours. Wonder there, that the former fans, who are back with now many young with great enthusiasm attend their events. “Seven men and a woman,” the woman, thats ALICA long a very likeable, talented singer and an expressive personality that could enrich the program again. She is the singing partner of Alex Morlock now at concerts and Studio productions. Also the well known and successful artist Janis Nikos was very fond of this new lineup of “Grombacher”. You know for many years and is considering which arising opportunities of cooperation.

Since Janis Nikos in his own Studio possibilities, which he uses very successfully as a producer of his own title, you now have the common interest in modern German Schlager played a first productions under his direction. Allen has made it a lot of fun and opens up further perspectives for the “Grombachern”. “Seven men and a woman”, “Let the dreams in your life”and”we’re back”, which are the current title of this CD that prove (in particular with the third title), that the “Grombacher” seriously make you once again successfully wants to make the joint work. This also her current producer and composer of the three titles, Janis Nikos, will certainly contribute. Source: Lucky records more information:



March 26th


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