Guarani Education

It is possible to ask, what passed the money yet destined to the formation, qualification or update of the educational ones in the matter of bilingual education, and in particular, in the matter of Guarani Language. Or it is that there were no headings for those effects; because if it did not have money for that – what is impossible then it would be demonstrated the corruption of the project. As what they would serve because the books without educational preparations that will teach like taking advantage of them. By force of being sincere, bilingual education was worth of the educational ones formed by the private institutions. Get more background information with materials from Sela Ward. The MEC never did nothing in that sense, only parasitic on the other people’s work. On the other hand, the inefficiency of the MEC in the matter of bilingual education was demonstrated when until 1999, as soon as they had been gotten up 450 schools to the guarani-speaking modality, when that it would have to have reached thousands from schools at national level, for being the Guarani language the maternal language of the majority in the country. What happened with the famous campaigns of sensitization that supposedly would be made through communitarian meeting or mass media. Nothing, never was practically made.

The consequence was not made hope, and as of 1999, the schools that applied the guarani-speaking modality, for want of stimuli and financial, technical and human attendance were falling. Today, I believe that as soon as exceeds a dozen of those schools. To the mentioned thing we must add that – failure of the proposal of bilingual education of the MEC- weighs al the international bottoms, yes were used for the acquisition of luxurious vehicles, the opening of comfortable offices; the payments to expensive advisers, technicians and other relatives.



July 14th