The days are far from finishing when you enter the gymnasium and you see 9 of each 10 types doing flexions of biceps, all at the same time, with the same determination to add 6,3 millimeters ( of inch) to their biceps. To exercise the biceps has practically become one obsessive addiction the gymnasium. I have seen types only make flexions of biceps between series so that they can just a little bit see of pumping in its arms. I have seen types inclined during one hour whole making flexions of concentration while they are watched in the mirror. I have seen types that take their weights in their vacations so that they can make some flexions of biceps in its hotel before going to the club! I have seen types that much more pass time buying clothes that the girls, when they are going to buy a t-shirt do, it with the hope of which she causes that their arms see well. Some are not in agreement with me with respect to which the training of the biceps has become one little healthful obsessive addiction for many. In the defense of Arms Skinny, the enchantment of pointed and mountainous biceps never will disappear. Why it would have to do it? pistols are the appraised possession more of a man and one of the parts of the man more wished by the women (by all means)! My question is, if 9 of each 10 types are obsessed with seeing how they grow his biceps and they dedicate great part of his total training in isolating his biceps, using all type of technique from the forced repetitions, series of exercises with weight in decrement which the physicist professional culturists promise that are the most effective methods, Why they must little teach in spite of its efforts? We examine five of the most common problems of the training of the biceps before it offers a program step by step to you to take the tip of your biceps to new heights.



November 14th