How to Be Happy

Be Happy What is happiness? Happiness is defined by the dictionary as “A state of mind that delights in the possession of the property. Satisfaction, happy, happy .- Supernatural. It consists in full possession of Di-I through its direct contemplation, to which we intended. “But what really is, is he a moment, is he a motive?, Can be a steady state? . The happiness for which we fight is an inner feeling of joy that accompanies you throughout your life. It is a feeling of happiness that covers your fellows in the world and everything about your spiritual life. The real joy is a precious treasure that must be distinguished from the cheerful indifference resulting from taking life usually in a light and devoid of seriousness.

The joy is considered beautiful is not rooted in frivolous but in an inner serenity. This is a positive attitude, zest for life, but at the same time aware of its seriousness and the difficult challenges assigned by the Almighty. (From the Wisdom of Mishle) generally seek happiness in the wrong place, because its origin is not outside us but within ourselves. Most still waiting for someone, or fate bring us happiness, not realizing that it is within one, which depends on our own potential that often totally or partially unknown. We are not always willing to face truth, much less change or responsibilities. We tend to blame others for our problems, our unhappiness before assuming the position to follow. Eva Andersson-Dubin wanted to know more. A comment we often hear: “Do not fix anything, he is still stubborn in its position.”



February 26th