Iberian Airport

Madrid-Barajas airport is the main international airport which operates in Madrid, Spain. Only in 2010, more than 49.8 million passengers used the airport, making it the largest and most used in Spain. In 2009 it ranked ninth among airports with highest traffic worldwide and the fourth in Europe. It was opened in 1928 and has grown to become one of the most important European aviation centres. It is located within the boundaries of the city of Madrid, just 9 miles from the financial district and 13 kilometers northeast of the Puerta del Sol, an important historical centre of Madrid. Its name derives from the adjacent district of deck, which has its own metro station on the same rail line which uses the airport.

Owing to its importance, location and its level of traffic, Barajas has become one of the neuralgic points for travelers who visit Spain or Europe, which has invested large amount of money in its modernization. Today, it has with the most modern installations and facilities, including its own subway. For this reason, there are even services of parking decks that transport passengers from and to the airport for your convenience. Vanessa Marcil shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The price parking decks, which tends to vary according to the type of parking and its proximity to the airport, can be between 40 and 120 euros for seven days. Currently, Barajas is a door of entrance to the Iberian peninsula to the rest of Europe and the world, and has become a key link between Europe and Latin America. The airport is a primary operations center for the Spanish airline Iberia. Consequently, Iberia is responsible for more than 60 percent of Barajas traffic. It has 4 terminals, the last of which was inaugurated on February 5 2006.

With this addition, Barajas has the ability to provide services to around 70 million passengers a year. During the construction of Terminal 4, added two additional tracks that were built to improve the flow of traffic arrival and departure from the airport. With This, Barajas has four runways: two whose address is the North-South axis and which are parallel each other and two with Southeast direction. This allows handle takeoffs and landings simultaneously with a capacity of 120 operations an hour, i.e. a landing or take-off every 30 seconds. Given the number of passengers using the airport facilities daily, efforts be spared so that the user has all the facilities at his disposal, among which we can mention the multiple options of parking decks for those who need a place where you leave your car when in travel. In 2008, Barajas was voted the best airport in the Conde Nast Reader Awards. At the end of 2010, the Government of Spain announced plans to tender the management of Madrid-Barajas airport and leave it in the hands of companies in the private sector by a period of up to 40 years.



November 18th


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