Independent Community

Santiago de Compestela is the capital of the Independent Community of Galicia, in the south-east of Spain. The city is well-known by its house cathedral the rest of Santiago, brought in the century ninth. This cathedral is the destiny of a peregrination route from the century ninth for the Christians. The old city of Santiago de Compostela has been declared Patrimony of the Humanity. A great amount of pilgrims visits this place every year. The University of Santiago also is famous. The city has one all night animated nocturnal life with regulars to celebration dancing by in the discotheques and pubs. Santiago is the name of one of the four military orders in Spain.

Santiago de Compostela counts on a great commercial zone called Polygon of Compollano with a great industrial concentration. Car rental Santiago de Compostela is important an average one of transport for the people who visit by businesses, the leisure or in Santa peregrination Cathedral of Santiago. Car rental Santiago Compostela is the most trustworthy and reliable way of transport, with a great fleet of more modern cars available to travel by the facilities of limitless kilometrage, local taxes and of the IVA provided by the company of car rental. The company also organizes 24 hours of attendance in highway and the registry and the tax of circulation and a qualified conductor, assured. Also one provides credits for damages by collision. The cars correctly are fed with the full tank their capacity.

The rates of locality of the airport also are supported by the society. The rents include all these positions and nevertheless they are reasonable and cheap. The packages of vacations are from time to time made for the tourists, offering discounts and concessions attractive. Whether it is a question of concession of a student or a discount in a long weekend, the intention is to attract the renter of vehicles. Car rental Santiago de Compostela has a collection of economic cars and vehicles of exotic luxury also with modern conditioned air facilities, positioning system of GPS, radio transmission by special satellite, seats for the children and luggage frames. One is vehicles small and extensive vans and buses also. They take care of the needs of all the segments of tourists. The quotes, reserves and cancellations of reserve are realised in line. The vehicles are easily available and the services of car rental are to the satisfaction of the renter. The cars are rented in daily, weekly and monthly form. All effort is there for making Car rental Santiago Compostela effective and popular means of transport. The traveller enjoys a safe and comfortable trip, in a car of his election so that it is a memorable experience.



March 3rd