Industrial Revolution

One searched to introduce the idea of the sustainable development from a new model of economic, less consumista growth, without disobediences of the capital, and more adjusted to the ecological balance, benefiting to the harmony between the man and its half one, but also respecting the diverse forms of existing life in the globe. The document produced during the World-wide Conference for the Environment called Letter the Land, which established three conventions (Climatic Biodiversity, Desertificao and Mudanas), a declaration of principles and Agenda 21 (which would serve of base so that the countries that signed the agreement for the ambient pact elaborated its plan of preservation of the environment with the established well-taken care of had ones in the Conference). Of the 175 signatory countries of Agenda 21, 168 had confirmed its position to respect the Convention on Biodiversity. In middle of century XIX and XX, after the Industrial Revolution, happened the call ' ' boom' ' industrial, that is, was born at this moment a substance series cousins, before not known, who of certain form would improve the life of each one, however, nor all these adventos had been total beneficial. The fact is that at this moment the man consumes everything wildly what is offered to it, that is, cars, pesticides, oil and etc., without if worrying about its ambient future. Culturally these individuals turn over consuming these substrata indistinctly. During millenia, the half human groups did not make use seno of extremely limited, precarious and fragile, to be defended against the severities of the nature, but, with the Industrial Revolution, the terms of the dependence relations had dislocated e, currently, exactly tend to invert itself. Our violent species the global movement, pollutant products and etc.) that nor always they respected ours ‘ ‘ half vivo’ ‘ 3, in result of this we will have an industrialization of the productive ways in this period.



September 9th