Interim Manager

“Yes no notice: about 3 to 9 months 4 weeks severance costs: high no legal issues in contract design distinction is made between two types of contracts: enterprises connects directly with the interim manager a company contracts with a provider” a contract, which, in turn is the contractual partner of the Interim Manager for the company both versions of the content are virtually identical. A contract should contain at least the following: name, address of the parties date beginning and end the activity number of days per week/month site (at the customer site, Home Office”etc.) Notice periods (first and foremost, if no end has been set) function of the Interim Manager task position of interim manager and reporting target definition (when, to whom, how often) confidentiality regulation fees and billing (daily rate, payments, expenses, etc.) Possibly Protection (a-account payments, guarantee etc is common especially in crisis situations) any other date and signatures regulations are granted and listed only to the completeness of the interim contracts manager directly with the company, so the issue is loud often after an employee status or a fictitious self-employment. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Parker. The applicable case-law currently focuses on various features that make clear a personal dependence of the employer. Some of these characteristics are: Weisungsgebundenheit of the Interim Manager is, or can he determine the time, place, and time yourself? Is personal dependence of the employer? Is the Interim Manager in the operating organization involved? He has even a business risk? He carries on other activities, he has only one customer? Decisively with for the proper handling of interim management is the respective contracts and their implementation. Contracts but a provider with the Company, you must distinguish between several legal relationships: provider–> company Interim Manager–> provider is interim manager–> companies between the provider and the company a service contract concluded with the proviso that these services are provided Manager, not by the provider itself, but an interim. .



September 7th