International Festival

Park of forged figures in Donetsk – sculptures, forged from metal. Currently, the park forged sculpture is one of the main attractions of the capital of Donbass. In 2001 the park was established the first ten figures. Every year there are a festival of blacksmith. In 2001, the square of Donetsk City Council was founded Park forged figures. Evolve from year to year, this park has now become one of the most famous sites in the capital of Donbass. Moreover, worldwide there are no analogues of the Park of forged figures! Annually in the park festival is held blacksmith.

During the festival: incitement to forge, forge welding, hood harvesting, twisting the ends of the workpiece in the washer, making the ring, tying knots. The best works of masters blacksmith shoeing remain in the park, a gift to the city. First exhibit of the museum's blacksmith's art under outdoor wrought became a bouquet of roses. This flower – a symbol of miner's capital, the symbol of the city festival 'Roses Donetsk', in which in August – September festivals blacksmith 'Park of forged figures'. – 2001 Together with the forged rose, set the first 10 figures. – 2002 Park supplemented with 19 pieces.

The total number of exhibits – 30. – 2003 The park is set 'Ukrainian pavilion', received a diploma in Hannover at the World Exhibition 'Millennium – 2000'. Next took its place arbor 'Four Dragons'. – 2004 Park graced 'Arbour Lovers' since a popular place for honeymooners. – 2005 In the park there was an alley "Zodiac," which is a 12 Forged Figures symbols zodiac signs. Figures were made by different authors. On 7-th international festival of blacksmith. – 2006 Open 'Alley Tales. " Where are forged shapes of plots of folk tales. The collection includes such fairy-tale characters as Thumbelina, Samodelkin, Pike, head Svyatogora, Lesovichok, Gin, Fly Tsokotuha, bun, pan Chukchi, rejuvenating apple tree, Pinocchio. 2007 Passed 9 International Festival of blacksmith which was attended by 150 masters from 10 countries. The main project at the festival was the opening of "Walk of arches': between 10 wrought iron arches, a 5-meter width are 16 copyright benches. In the same year the park is there were 64 work.



February 9th