What is better to pay for a ticket to a movie theater, sit back and enjoy a haircut and someone to listen to the movie instead of a cough and whose conversations or download from the Internet, namely the torrent tracker and enjoy browsing in splendid isolation, Although friends no one has repealed. What is a torrent tracker will not tell, this information is not hidden from anyone. If you choose the second option the next question is, what torrent tracker to choose. Here's my answer Open torrent tracker here rishenie problem! All the fun from the world of movies, software, games, karaoke and much more, concentrating on one site. Registered users can chat on the forum by sharing your impressions or leave your comments. Also, registered users can write your application in a special section of the site, this is what you are looking for a long time ago but did in other places cann't find.

Typically, all applications put up for distribution during the day. Another positive point in favor of this project – is that the site is no annoying ads. Do not pop no pop Leander or other nasty commercials. At this open tracker is unnecessary to register to download something, there is also tedious and the distribution of ratings is not blocked. I think the choice is clear! Although supporters of the theater, too, have their arguments, the quality of picture and sound. But in Currently this is not a criterion for home viewing, as a torrent trackers such as Best-Torrent tracker material in view of movies, cartoons or TV series is already in great sound quality! Have an online movie viewing plus a little news out there is often earlier than they can be seen in theaters in the theater. Yes of course browsing the Internet badly in terms of the law because the company has created a lot of money now spent, but nothing worked, since everything is already home prosmatreli downloading a pirated version. In any case, the choice for you a source of information that you do not want – a nice view and interesting new releases movie industry!



October 16th


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