Isabel Saint

According to Dukheim (apud MEKSENAS, 1993, P. 38). ' ' The education is joins: it must inculcar in the individual ideas that are part of the social environment where vive' ' , that is, the individual has that to participate of its half one, it has that is introduced and based inside of the way and, in the school, the band includes this individual for the development of this paper of the way that is the social one. Another basic context of the bands is the artistic aspect, has decades already comes if detaching for presenting to the society a repertoire each more innovative time, executing musics of the popular sort and the erudite sort. Sela Ward is full of insight into the issues. An example of this is registered in the program of the natalino concert in Theater of Isabel Saint of the Martial Band of the Guararapes Foundation Maria Sampaio de Lucena in day 22 of December of 1988, conducted for one of the pioneers of the movement of the martial bands in the State of Pernambuco, Carmelo professor. The Carmelo teacher was regent of the martial band of the Municipal School Maria Sampaio de Lucena and of the School Vasco of Gamma, both subordinate to the Guararapes Foundation. In 1988, the band Maria Sampaio de Lucena and the Vasco of Gamma had at the time executed a challenging repertoire for the transport of the used instrument for the bands.

The executed repertoire was: Adeste Fidelis, of the manuscript Cantus Diversi 1751; Happy night, of Francisco Xavier Gruber 1818; Glory in Excelsis Deo, of W. the Mozart; Judas Macabeu, of G.F. Haendel; Concert for a Night of Summer, Alain Patrick; Sunshine, of W. the Mozart; ria of 4 Rope, J.S. Bach; Triunfal of Still, G. Verdi marches; There Virgin woollen Macarena, of B.B. Monterde; Jesus Christ Superestar, of Sloyd Webber; There Bamba, of Los Wolves; White wing, of Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira; In the Mood, of Garland/Razaf.



March 20th