Istanbul City

And if I have to define it in a word that Word would be contrast. One after the other. You yourself check it as soon as you get there. Before moving on to tell you some practical information (currency, weather, Visa, phones or important addresses, etc.) here are several post more specific information about what to see in Istanbul, ydonde what to eat and how to get around there. And we show many, many photos! What we see in Istanbul do a tour of the essential visits: best of Istanbul city (formerly Byzantium and Constantinople) to Istanbul could divide into three zones historic area, to the South of the Horn of gold Santa Sofia, Topkapi Palace, mosques, Grand Bazaar, market the neighborhood species of GALATASARAY, with one of the best views of the city and North of the Golden Horn: those of the Galata Tower. Asian, part to this, perhaps the biggest surprise (for well) of our trip.

TO eat typical Turks which you will find by street vendors in Istanbul meals drinks that you have to try before returning home a couple of restaurants that we recommend our travel how to get around Istanbul information about transportation in the city and now yes, a series of practical data. PRACTICAL data currency: Turkish lira (about half a euro). Easy calculation: divide between two prices. In some establishments accept euros. Visa and passport Spaniards can enter Turkey with the DNI, provided that it has a validity of three months, that we travel without vehicle, we do not have anything important to declare at customs and that our stay will not exceed three months in duration. Once there, you should buy visa, coming out for 15 euros. Climate: Mediterranean, hot, dry summers, mild and rainy winters. Time change: Turkey (always has one more hour than Spain schedules mosques and museums in general is convenient to first ask in each specific case) are open from 9 a.m.

to 6 p.m. (hours that in summer it can be extended) closes the Grand Bazaar on Sundays and Tuesdays spice market is closed on Mondays the Topkapi Palace closed Santa Sofia water: is not drinkable lie if I said that I did not try it but it is not theirs! Women: always carry a handkerchief with you (offer you one so you cover but is always preferable to carry yours). In addition, if you go in skirt or shorts will make you in the mosques cover your legs with a fabric that they will leave you. Some words in Turkish: Hello: merhaba please: luften thanks: Teekkur ederim map of Istanbul telephones: police: 155 emergencies: 11 Embassy of Turkey in Spain:) 913198064 / 913198297 Consulate of Spain in Istanbul: (212) 270 74 10 / 270 24 65 Embassy of Spain in Turkey: (312) 4402169 / 4401796 / 4380392 address: Embassy of Turkey in Spain: C/Rafael Calvo 18, plant 2 Consulate of Spain in Istanbul: Karanfil Araligi S.



September 3rd


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