Istanbul Life

Pasha, the commander was willing to yield to the demands of subordinates, but anticipating the reaction of the Sultan on, could not bring himself to give orders. But there is no limit to Turkish deceit. Found still a nerd, and came up with to defeat Cafu plague infection. City were cast using a catapult corpses of the dead from the plague. This proved the last straw for the heroic defenders of Feodosia. With the fall of the city government in the Crimea was for the Genoese lost.

Their native homeland of Genoa was far away. During the two seas, with one big – Mediterranean. Wait for support was not from where. The Turks have had more luck. Throw reinforcements to the Crimea from Istanbul via the Black Sea a matter of days. Sublime Porte was in a period of recovery and prosperity. Under the protectorate of the Ottoman Empire fell and the Crimean .

Janissary, its curved swords and ferocity terrified at almost all of Europe – from the Balkans to Hungary and much farther north. Mediterranean Sea was controlled by Turkey. The word "Kafa" for many years become synonymous with the nightmare of terror in the minds of European people. (That's a bad rebranding). Cafe converted by the Turks in large slave "Logistics center". There shall warehousing, packing, sorting and delivery of live goods in Turkey. Over the Gulf of Karkinitskim heard a groan and weep But life, as is well known in the strip. In place of the black time will come a streak of light. Our time of Theodosius longer associated with something bad. And in the birthplace of a genius – Aivazovsky. He rejected all of the many lucrative offers from St. Petersburg and other capitals of the enlightened well-fed Europe. He is not just satisfied with a small, cozy on a provincial, Theodosius. That city and the Black Sea were the sources of his inspiration. According to probate Aivazovsky a gift of the same name to the museum moved 49 pictures brush of genius. For more information see Jorge Perez. Come to Feodosia and visit the Museum of Aivazovsky simply must every self-respecting man! In Feodosia is another interesting museum. Green Museum. Ten years of life and creativity are associated with the Green Feodosia. What else can not visit in Feodosia? Of course the museum money! And the world famous waterfront. When tender Crimean sun is on the wane – quay wakes up. It comes time! Catwalk and flirting, plus sea make every evening special, exciting and full of life. If in Feodosia did not happen – hence the resort did not see!



September 18th