It Is Made Right With Jesus, Still Has Time

Our days are difficult? Yes, they are. However it says, you that he will operate great prodigies in our way. That good and the saints hands you are on us in this walked. For more information see this site: William O. Douglas. In Acts 2:17 – 19 say that in the last days the meat will spill you its Spirit on all; it will show prodigies on in the sky and signals in low in the land. We are in this land and all monitoring if it makes necessary, therefore, we will see the action of the adversary in these last days of the Church in the land. Who is the prince of this world? The Satan, this for determined time, knows why? The word in Romans 16:20 answers: the God of the peace, soon, will underneath jam of your feet the Satan.

The favour of ours Mr. Jesus is with you. That is for that they fully trust Mr. Jesus This summer this event, but, and those that do not watch and take care of of its Salvation? The Word says that the enemy walks as lion roaring (irado, rebelled) looking for who can be swallowed (destroyed, finished, without hope, died physically and spiritual). Pablo still in the alert one, saying: Our fight is not against the blood and the meat, and yes against the principalities and powers, the dominadores of this tenebrous world, against the forces spirituals of the evil, in the celestial regions Efsios 6:12. Many still want to fight against the meat and the blood. One against the other, and thus the enemy finishes destroying the two. You if have cingido with really? You have dress the harness of justice? You have used the shield of the faith? He is using the helmet of the salvation? This not to sin in hearing, not sinning in speech, and not to sin in seeing. He is using the Sword of the Spirit, that is the Word of God? He is in conjunct and suplication, praying the all time in the Spirit and for this watching with all perseverance and suplication for all the saints.



January 24th