Digging deeper denied me by high bushes and trees, which is adjacent to the a bridle. “But even though I really just” a wall of look forward to green, which is actually no unusual sight, is the actual information content, which flows towards me, know much greater than that which I perceive superficially, and I immediately by some invisible, which is definitely here at the same time exist. Everytime I revive this picture again in my mind’s eye, it’s, I guess, so I maybe even somewhere in me knows exactly and already knew what on this site, which is located in this world behind the fence. The first term that arises in me is always paradise, and if I try to rewrite it, I immediately notice here ran into an archetype that I, when I let it immediately several different images in me gives rise to the. So I meet there such as a foggy Landscape, a subtle reality, which we can travel with our soul and in which beings ko – exist which we can not perceive with our physical eyes. Then the term of Avalon in the sense and also an indescribable feeling of home in the infinity and eternity seems also immediately. I see so initially only this picture, which evokes these intense feelings and the knowledge of a secret legendary unknown known country in me.

A harmless for me visible and ordinary image, which obviously provides an in-depth look at an invisible world behind and seems to me like a window into a different dimension. Then I look in the sky and see a unique phenomenon. Astonished, I see an enormous spirit beings numbers the whole firmament. At first glance I perceive it as a whole, as one, and in the next moment the whole thing in two major polar shares seems divided. There are two seemingly huge creatures, the I with the eyes not really in a form can squeeze and which I combined times separately and even perceive.



October 29th