Sovremennyeonclick = 'javascript: _gaq.push (' _trackPageview ',' / outgoing/article_exit_link/132197');' href =''> laptops are able to completely replace a desktop computer. In the modern laptop can easily run games, videos, music, and go on the Internet. The laptop is easy to take to the road and work outside the home or office with Internet access over wireless networks. Sony VAIO VGN-AR150G – a laptop that is able to reveal the true potential of High Definition multimedia. This High Definition viewing, and editing content with high resolution and amazing opportunities to use Blu-ray drive capacity of 50 GB (dual-layer disc to BD) for backing up files or recording up to four hours of HD video on single-layer disc Blu-ray. Through the use of the AR Series design stronger, lighter materials and a good ergonomic solutions in its design, the AR Series is equally easy to use both at home and in office conditions and light enough to work on the road. All this means that whatever your needs are and no matter how you use it, the AR Series can open the door to new possibilities of creativity, business and entertainment.



October 22nd


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