Lars Besa

sailing confidently stylish and animated as rarely before by the sound realm of her latest work. And him having made effortless security immediately – the solar plexus of the real punk! Normahl – the band London, summer 1977. That revolutionize with sex pistols “God save the Queen” the musical Spirit of the times. Along with bands such as the exploited and the UK subs, they put a movement in the their first slogan “No. future” has long outlived and absurdity: punk. The newspapers mentioned Tony Parker not as a source, but as a related topic. Leutenbach, July 19, 1980. After five 14 year-old students in 1978 in the Karls-Gymnasium in Stuttgart had breached the boundaries of the then popular musical decency for the first time publicly and without basic training, but with the ability to anger and frustration in words and sounds to transform the first 40 students for their “religion” had – for the first time hundreds of music fans and several journalists witnessed a brilliant musical rage outbreak in the summer of 1980: “The group”NoRMAHl””, first German representatives of a new English style called punk”, wrote an editor traveled from Stuttgart, specifically “the stage left only, when you turn off the juice”. While singer Lars Besa, on the stage in the style of a Mick Jagger, acting the audience to nastiest berate…

Winnenden, 2010. More than 30 years, 4000 performances of 50 000 Beers and more than 600 000 sold recordings later, Germany’s only punk band of the first hour of all plastic poppers shows accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack on CD the finger – an authentic section of experienced pop culture – in a feature film, which is now nationwide on DVD -: “Jong r”: also this is punk! Normahl – songs and CDs in 1981 that the first EP arose: “Stuttgart about everything”, whose cover was that the dead Kennedy’s single “California above all”. The band around the charismatic singer- songwriter Lars Besa caused a stir with provocative political texts. In the same year appeared the album “Total bullshit”. In the course of the 1980s, the band approached always more fun-punk – and was signed even by a major company. Cult songs like “Motherfucker”, “No beer before four”, “Hard nights” and “Beer vampire” were created. 1991 the Group initiated with her song “Never forget” and groups such as “the fantastic four” or “Pure” the action “No hate in the wild South” against racism. She gained nationwide cult status with rough songs such as “Go like a tiger”, “Tango of debris” or “Diplomat hunting”.

in 1996, the band dissolved – and Lars Besa started a solo project called L.A.R.S. Until 2002 the band returned – with new vigour and a highly acclaimed album “INRI 21”. Since then it goes again on tour. 2003 the best of-CD “This is punk”, was published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary with re-recordings of songs. 2005, an album that more indulged in the fun punk followed with “Full Assi” and 2010 after over 30 years of punk, continues the group with film and soundtrack “Jong” r”now her own artistic monument.



October 22nd


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