LED Underwater Lighting

WaterVision ensures perfect illumination of swimming pools the WaterVision from the Dutch Eemnes company since 2004 with the development and production of LED underwater lighting for fountains, swimming pools and saunas. Not only in the Netherlands, the energy-saving LED lighting by WaterVision dominated the swimming pools. Also in Germany, Belgium and France, more and more bathing ladder are choosing the WaterVision LED lights. So WaterVision can now present themselves as the market leader. The company attaches greatest importance to that the production of lighting carries the label “Made in Holland”. High light yield WaterVision has optimized their products through continuous product innovation and application of NanoPower technology. LED underwater light is characterized by exceptionally high luminous efficacy. Through the use of Photonic crystals WaterVision researchers have opened up whole new possibilities to the leadership of light waves.

Thanks to this unique technology, each is Particles of light his way through the water, and contributes to the uniform illumination of the entire basin. “We use technology NanoPower technology in contrast to conventional LED lights without the NanoPower water as light guides and the surface of the water as a reflector and barely slow down the light. NanoPower remains”significantly more light into the water, which the basin brighter shine makes, and so at the same time safer, said engineer Jan de Boer, developer of NanoPower modulation technology and Managing Director of WaterVision,”in comparison to normal LED underwater spotlights without NanoPower is the WaterVision economical LED technology and offers always the higher light yield. The application of WaterVision LED underwater lighting thus offers the highest light output with maximum energy saving. This can be up to 90 percent.” Practical examples of what could be convincing as practical examples and statements by operators who have opted for WaterVision LEDs? The Kibobad in Kirchheimbolanden has reinstalled the WaterVision LED underwater lighting during a refurbishment in November 2008.



August 18th